Monday, October 03, 2005

Sandy Allen

At 7-feet, 7-1/4 inches, Sandy Allen is the world's tallest women. Although being the tallest has some advantages, it also has disadvantages as well, but Sandy has managed to laugh at the disadvantages. She has created a video titled, "It's OK To Be Different," in which Sandy challenges kids to make the best of obstacles they face and to always treat others with respect.

When Sandy was ten years old she was already more than 6 feet tall! A tumor in her pituitary gland caused the gland to produce too much growth hormone. In her late teens she had an operation that helped to control her growth. Without the surgery she would have continued to grow and eventually died at an early age.

While she has many health problems that she must deal with, Sandy has already outlived her life expectancy and yet she still takes times to talk to kids whenever she can. She talks to kids openly about her life and her problems. She responds to their questions warmly, gently, and with humor.

"Some people make fun of me because I'm so tall, but I'm proud of myself," Sandy says. "You've got to be proud of yourselves too, no matter what you are. Be proud of yourselves and make the best of what you've got."

She also tells kids about the Golden Rule, her 8-foot-long custom-made bed and how she sews many of her own clothes and wears size 22 hand-me-down sneakers provided by NBA stars!

For more information about Sandy Allen, call 1-888-BIG-SANDY or write to Chart Breaker Music and Video, P. O. Box 2942, Indianapolis, IN 46229.

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